Removing More than Cobwebs: Spring Cleaning and Junk Removal

The cold months of winter are long gone, and calendars fill up fast with spring parties and summer vacations. Taking time to tackle an over-packed closet or those boxes in your garage that haven’t been touched in years is a great way to prepare for the new season. Junk removal is not always a priority when life gets busy, so here are ten tips to make your time spent clearing out your space efficient and fun.

  1. Set small goals. Don’t feel like you have to overhaul every dusty nook and cranny in one go. Give yourself a realistic set of expectations and a time frame to get the job done. An attic full of boxes? Take on the first five without stopping, give yourself a short break, then take on the next round. Keep energy up with water and a healthy snack, and make sure you have good ventilation when working for prolonged periods of time.
  2. Be prepared. Use trash and recycled grocery bags to move small items to their proper receptacles. Labeling boxes with packing tape and a thick marker will take out guesswork. Arm yourself with a few cloths and Chlorox wipes to dust and clean surfaces as you go. Once a shelf is empty, give it a wipedown before restocking it. In some cases, you may decide to wear rubber gloves and cover your face from risk of exposure to dust, animal droppings, or mold.
  3. Create a happy cleaning zone. Attitude is everything. If you decide to have a good time while you simplify your life, you will!
  4. Play music while you work. Upbeat songs keep you on track. Check out the “Happy to Be Home” playlist on for fun background sounds to keep the mood up.
  5. Make it a family project. The hall closet or garage are used as the dumping grounds for a busy household. Old sports and camping gear, winter coats and last year’s science project sit neglected and in disrepair. If everyone gets involved, you can work as a team to make quick decisions on what needs to stay put in an organized way, and what can be tossed out.
  6. Keep. If you decide something is a keeper, or just aren’t sure, give yourself a time frame to decide. If in a few weeks or months, the item in question is still taking up space without function, consider moving it down the line. My grandmother’s motto for a neat house is “out of sight, out of mind.” Rather than stuff your junk back in the attic, be honest with yourself and make tough choices on what needs to stay and go.
  7. Donate. Here’s a great way to teach your kids how to give back. When something is no longer useful, but still in relatively good condition, there may be someone else who could enjoy it. Too-small sporting equipment, especially tennis rackets and ski gear, rarely wears out before it is outgrown. If clothes are free of stains or tears, many organizations like Dress for Success, Cinderella Project, and clothing drives at churches and the YMCA will gladly take them. Find local donation centers like Goodwill or other organizations and be sure to get a receipt. Taking photos of what you give is another great way to document your donations for tax purposes.
  8. Resale. There are online communities popping up all the time where private resale transactions are made easy and safe. Check out, the LetGo App and ask around for local email and Facebook communities where you can post and sell gently used items like clothes, furniture and decor pieces. Be sure to pay attention to the guidelines of the group, and always respond promptly to interested buyers.
  9. Trash. Grandma’s old sofa or used mattresses? Broken furniture or large electronics? If it’s something larger than your neighborhood trash collectors can handle, remember that Soft Touch Junk Removal will come to you and haul away any oversized or large quantity items. In addition, certain substances like paint cans, chemical fertilizers and batteries require proper disposal. Let the experts at Soft Touch take care of these items for you with their junk removal services.
  10. Celebrate the small stuff. When you make progress on cleaning out your junk, give yourself a pat on the back. Tackling and finishing a project can give you a sense of accomplishment and well-being. Living life with function, beauty and purpose will improve your outlook and give you pride in your home.

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