Checking all the Boxes

Moving represents a new chapter of life: a new job, a new community, a new chance. The tasks it takes to move your life to a new place can sometimes get lost in all of the excitement. There are a lot of details when it comes to moving! When you don’t do your research, it’s easy to blindly turn to the big brand name moving services with the logos you may remember from those long drives down the interstate. We have news for you though…

As a premier Dallas and Houston moving service, we offer the best prices on every component of your move (yes, including the details that you’re currently forgetting). During the average move, a typical household uses:

· 75 Book Boxes
· 45 Medium Boxes
· 20 Wardrobes
· 15 Dish Packs

Because we like to be sure our customers are getting the best deal on everything (including moving boxes!), we did some comparison. When “stacked up” next to other popular suppliers, we found that Soft Touch’s box prices are up to $200 cheaper for a typical move. That’s real money that could go towards roses for your next date, professional movers or the supplies for your daughter’s first annual lemonade stand in front of your new home.

If you are conscious of the cost it takes to move, Soft Touch Moving Service can help. By giving you the best prices and the best moving service in Dallas and Houston, depend on us for all of the details!

We get it; moving is hard. It’s time to start your next chapter of life with Soft Touch Moving Service!

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